3D Printing by LGM

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LGM, CADspan's parent company, is the premier resource for visualization & modeling solutions for the architecture, engineering and development industries. While LGM's emphasis is on the AEC industry, our in house 3D printing capabilities allow us to serve almost any 3D printing need. LGM offers competitive rates on Zcorp 3D printing and other technologies. With eight 3D printers in house, LGM has the capacity to run the biggest jobs. LGM can provide both monochrome and color 3D printing.

2D or 3D CAD Conversion to a 3D print

LGM can accept almost any CAD format and generate a 3D print for you.  

  1. Send us your drawings detail, scale, and deadline.
  2. We will reply with a quote and or questions to clarify the final product.
  3. Once the model is drawn up you will receive a 3D PDF to proof your model.
  4. Most models will ship in under two weeks.
  5. You can pay online.

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