What is CADspan

The power of CADspan is the geometry resurfacer; a new approach to file preparation for 3D printing. Rather than assume that the input data has been created with a solid modeling program and the file might need repair, repositioning, slicing or scaling, CADspan simply takes the approach that what you see on your screen looks like a model that should be printable. The CADspan engine uses your geometry to perform a virtual "shrinkwrap" and outputs an entirely new STL file that describes the exterior of your CAD file. This new STL file is a single, solid object, ready to 3D print.

Where can I find CADspan

CADspan is available on the web by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this page.
The CADspan SketchUp plugin is available through the SketchUp Extension Warehouse here:

Why do I need CADspan

Using CADspan will save you time and money because you no longer need to draft or re-draft in an expensive solid modeler. You can use any model generated for visualization to create a 3D printed model. Why pay a 3rd party to produce a model for you when you have all the tools available to produce a 3D printable STL file on your own? 
Before CADspan, the input for 3D printing had to be modeled using a CAD package that was capable of solid modeling. Most modelers, including almost every CAD package in architecture, game design and animation, generate STL files that are not usable by Rapid Prototyping Machines. They either contain so many features that the STL standard cannot accept them, or the CAD program is designed to create virtual models for visualization and does not take a solid modeling approach to the geometry creation. 
CADspan takes a new approach to RP file repair. Now solid modeling is not the only way to get data to a 3D printer. Using the CADspan online file prep tool you can have a file back in minutes that will successfully print on your additive fabrication 3D printing machine.

What does CADspan do 

CADspan resurfaces, or shrinkwraps, your CAD model to eliminate common geometry errors:
-Small gaps and holes
-Coplanar faces
-Coincident faces
-Removal of extraneous internal geometry
-Translation of file types to STL
-Multiple intersecting closed objects

What CAD formats will CADspan process

CADspan can translate five 3D CAD formats, PLY, DXF, WRL, and OBJ, to and from the STL format.The built in file translation on the PRO interface allows CADspan to process files from AutoCAD, Rhino, REVIT, SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, Solidworks and other 3D CAD platforms.

Which version do I need

The free plugin version of CADspan software is for small applications and personal use. The free version limits certain features that are unrestricted in the PRO version. We do this because there is a cost for every file processed, and we have to balance what we can give away for free with revenues. If you are using the software at an architecture firm, service bureau, 3D printing reseller, or other commercial entity, you are encouraged to support the ongoing development by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription to CADspan PRO. Please contact us if you feel you have a use that is in question or if you have concerns about the value of our software.