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We'll Fix It For You - 3D File Repair

Most architectural digital models will not 3D print successfully. Otherwise negligible characteristics of a model, such as small holes or surfaces that are not part of a solid object, will cause problems in the 3D printing process. CADspan technicians can fix these problems for you, allowing you to focus on your design and not the meticulous details of your digital model. CADspan software helps you solve these problems yourself, but if you are having trouble or just don't have time to work on making your model 3D printable we'll be happy to take care of it for you. Just send us your model and we'll send you a 3D printable version or completed 3D Print. To get a quote on a file or to get started, please use the adjacent form. 

2D or 3D CAD Conversion to a 3D Print

LGM can accept almost any CAD format and generate a 3D print for you.  

  1. Send us your drawings detail, scale, and deadline.
  2. We will reply with a quote and or questions to clarify the final product.
  3. Once the model is drawn up you will receive a 3D PDF to proof your model.
  4. Most models will ship in under two weeks.
  5. You can pay online.

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